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    DENMARK Iron, off white


    Colors: Iron & Off white

    Delivery: 12 – 15 days

    This line includes backing, a vinyl emulsion that adds rigidity and will keep the rug in perfect shape. This will also prevent the rugs from slipping.

    It is the perfect rug since it combines functionality, charm, and design. A 100% polypropylene rug, completely washable, suitable both for INDOOR and OUTDOOR use. The properties of its fibers allow removing 99% of the stains.It is a practical and super-resistant rug with a unique durability. Mildew and weather-resistant, ideal for use on your patio, terrace, pool areas, kids rooms, kitchens, and every other room. If spills and stains from children and pets are a concern, you don´t have to worry anymore!

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